Find your new favourite organic wine

Find your new favourite organic wine

Have you ever tasted organic wine? There are lots more varieties on the market these days and more often or not it comes down to what you find in your local bottle shop or a friend’s recommendation. It can also come down to availability, price point and the variety you’re after. However if you dive a little deeper there are lots more variables to organic wines that can help you choose the right one for you.


First and foremost it’s got to be a fun process! So have fun choosing and don’t take it too seriously.


1 Region

The region your wine comes from can of course have a big impact on the taste. Organic wine is grown across many regions in Australia. There are so many amazing wine growers out there who are so dedicated to growing the best tasting wine but also being conscious about the environment and their impact on the earth. Our Wild Fox wines are grown in the gorgeous regions of Riverland, Central ranges.

2 Preservative free or low in preservatives

There is organic wine and there is also preservative free wine. There is preservative free wine that is not organic and organic wine that is not preservative free! The preservative factor can often be a big part in how people feel the next day or even how they enjoy the experience of drinking the wine. People can be sensitive to certain preservatives which is why they often look for wines with low or now preservatives. Our Wild Fox wines are low in preservatives as well as being free of chemicals and pesticides. We also have a sister wine Raw Vine wines which is completely preservative free.


3 How is it produced?

There are different types of farming used to create premium tasting organic wines. Biodynamic farming is one of them. This types of farming is really about being in harmony with the earth and utilising the natural elements to maintain and regenerate ecological balance. Rather than degrade the soil, biodynamic farming focussed on a more long term sustainable practice. It is often considered an alternative form of agriculture and is often used to produce delicious tasting organic wine. This type of farming doesn’t use chemical fertilisers in the soil.  They work symbiotically with the local eco system. This form of farming is thought to have first been recognised by the iconic Rudolph Steiner. In his agriculture class he conducted research on this subject after researching the degradation of soil that had been brought to his attention by farmers. Biodynamic farming can use cover crops. At Wild Fox wines our growers use biodynamic farming to produce our wines.

Does is resonate with your taste? If it meets your personal values and its sounds delicious, give it a go! 

4 Background

Does the label seem authentic? Does the brand’s vision come from a good place and align with your values? How long have they been around for? Is there a lovely history to how they started making organic wine. Take a read about their company, how they started. 

You can have a read about our wonderful history and how Petros’s brother started with a vision all those years ago to bring premium organic wine to the Australian people.

5 Your taste of course!

Sometimes all you can do is try the label! Does is resonate with your taste? If it meets your personal values and its sounds delicious, give it a go! You just might find you new favourite wine!

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