Our Story

The legacy of Wild Fox began with Terry Markou, who, in the 1990s, embarked on a journey sparked by the purchase of a hobby farm and a visionary recognition of the potential for organic produce, particularly in the realm of wine—an unconventional notion at the time. Joined by his brother Petros, they laid the foundation for the beloved brand.

Nestled along the historic Gawler River in the Adelaide Plains of South Australia, Wild Fox embraced organic principles early on, earning certification in 1998 as a testament to their commitment to health and environmental stewardship.  Their 17-hectare vineyard became a bastion of excellence, with every step meticulously, with practices documented by Adelaide University.

The moniker "Wild Fox" pays homage to the village of Agrelopo in Greece, from which their father Theo Markou hailed.  Theo, despite his age, was a spirited presence in the vineyard, embodying the family's dedication to their craft.

Under Terry and Petros's guidance, Wild Fox crafted an array of wines—Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Shiraz, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon—both sparkling and table varieties. Their creations, marked by a fruit-forward approach and gentle alcohol content, endeared them to aficionados seeking quality at accessible prices.

Tragedy struck in 2014 with Terry's untimely passing, yet Petros, carrying the torch of their legacy, expanded the family's endeavours with Raw Vine Estate, all while honouring their storied past. Continuing to uphold their ethos, Petros sources premium organic grapes from South Australia and now New South Wales.

Today, Raw Vine Estate and the Wild Fox brand remain steadfast in their commitment to crafting wines that delight the senses while treading lightly on the earth—a tradition encapsulated by their motto, "wild in taste, mild on nature."