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Wild Fox Wines

Wild Fox Organic Merlot 2019

Wild Fox Organic Merlot 2019

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Tasting Notes:
This Merlot has a soft, sensual texture with fine velvety tannins and a moderate acidity. The aromas of dark cherries indulge the nose and flavours of cherries and raspberries dominate this lovely medium bodied wine. This fruity, easy drinking Merlot pairs well with white and red meats, rich pasta dishes and spicy pizza.​

Organic and vegan friendly wine.

Made in: Riverland, South Australia
Volume: 750ML
Alcohol content: 13.5% Alcohol/Volume | Approximately 8 standard drinks

What's in our wine:
Sourced from premium certified organic vineyards throughout South Australia and now New South Wales, dedicated to the finest bio-dynamic farming practices, to produce wines of the finest quality that are receptive to the sensitive drinker and sensitive to the environment. The wines are produced ONLY  from grapes grown from certified organic vineyards that are required to consistently adhere to the strictest organic farm practices. The wines have very low sulphur levels and are Vegan friendly with NO animal by products used in the making and production of the wine. Only certified Organic ingredients are used in the production of the wine. Wild Fox takes Organic wine production very seriously to ensure that you have the best tasting wine on your table free of chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. 

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